Rental Info

Space Sizes Range from 16-400 sq. ft.
Prices Please call (440) 234-5252 for current pricing and availablity
Leases Month to Month – No Security Deposit
Administration Fee $15 One Time (Includes lock that we provide)
Access Hours 7am -7pm (7 days a week)
Security Entry by key code
Rent Due Date 1st of the month – late after the 5th
Notice 30 days notice prior to vacating.
Condition of Unit Upon Vacating Full 30 day notice provided – Broom swept upon vacating.
Charges/Late Fees

Late Charge $10.00

  • Late Charge after 30th of the month: $18.50
  • Returned Check Charge $25.00
  • Late Charge 45 days $52.00 & mail charge
  • Cleaning Fee – Minimum $20.00
Rent Payable to Berea Square Storage Facility. Drop in dropbox or mail to:
Berea Square Storage Facility
384 W. Bagley Rd
Berea,Ohio 44017